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gogi_icon_xoxo's Journal

xoxo GOSSIP GIRL (graphic community)
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A graphics community based, mostly, on Gossip Girl.

This is a community for the ocassional contest, showing off graphics, and having your work judged/critiqued. It mostly involves the hit CW show Gossip Girl.

the rules
- Don't beg to have posting access. The only way of getting posting access is by showing me a small portfolio of your work and me approving it. I know I'm not the best, therefore I don't have the highest standards.

- This community is strictly for graphics. I don't want to see anyone advertising their site in a comment, or, for those with posting access, in a post. To advertise your site, send me a message and I'll add your link to the page.

- All graphics posted on this site must be of LJ standards.

- No posting anything that does not belong to you. Make sure what you do submit is something you made. If someone tells me that you stole it, I'm going to ban you from the community.